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Keystone Click launches two podcasts
By: Matt Curtis
Milwaukee, Wisconsin – January 11, 2017 – The Milwaukee based digital marketing agency, Keystone Click, is launched its second podcast on Jan 9, Social Capital, following the launch of The Digital Natives Cast in November.   The Social Capital Podcast helps educate professionals on social relationships and how the investment they put into them establishes trust, reciprocity, and value within their network and community...
Episode 21 – 2017’s Design Trends, YouTube in Google Search, and Sourcing Your Content
By: Matt Curtis
Our cast falls short on members but stays big on insight this week when Matt and Min join together to break down powerful information in the worlds of design and marketing. Together, they look at some more future trends, changes to Google search, and more! 2017’s Design Trends [1:45] YouTube in Google Search [10:20] Sourcing Your Content [12:05]   2017’s Design Trends This week, Min revisits the 2017 trends to lay...
Episode 20 – Self Driving Cars, Facebook Live Audio, and Adobe Sensei
By: Matt Curtis
This week, Alli rejoins Matt and Min to take a look at some big improvements to artificial intelligence and a new way to reach your audience on Facebook. Join our cast every Monday to learn about the latest in technology, design, and marketing from digital natives themselves. Uber’s Self Driving Cars [1:55] Facebook Live Audio [7:30] Adobe Sensei, Powerful Design AI [13:40]   Uber’s Self Driving Cars Alli revisits...
What Do You Meme? | Why Your Business Should Take Advantage of Internet Memes
By: Alli Kuhlmann
Since the internet started to flourish back in the year 2000, very few ideas have spread faster than that of the “meme.” For those unfamiliar with this term, a meme is any form of popular culture that is internet-based, spreading from person to person, eventually turning into an internet sensation. Memes can range anywhere between a funny picture with a snarky caption, to planking, which was popular in the early 2010’s...
Episode 19 – 2016’s Technology, Design, and Marketing in Review
By: Matt Curtis
The Digital Natives Cast kicks off the new year with a special episode where our host Matt reviews some of the biggest trends of the prior year. This week’s episode is broken into three segments; technology, design, and marketing with a special review of the best marketing campaigns in 2016. The Future of Digital Natives [1:00] Technology [2:30] Design [11:00] Marketing [13:42] Technology; The Year of Automation and...
Episode 18 – Building Beta Testers on Instagram, Ads for Bus Passes, Uber Updates, and Holiday AI
By: Matt Curtis
This week, you heard from our hosts Matt, Min, Anna, and Alli about a great variety of subjects ranging from building an audience of beta testers through Instagram to the festive responses from common AI assistants! Let us know what you thought of this week’s episode in the comments below. Building Beta Testers on Instagram [2:30] Ads for Bus Passes [7:25] Uber Updates [13:20] Holiday Artificial Intelligence [19:50]...
Episode 17 – IKEA Website Fails, Facebook vs Snapchat, and SEO in 2017
By: Matt Curtis
As the holiday season kicks into full swing and the year draws close to its close our hosts take a look at a few major things to watch in 2017 and a great website fail from the year end. This week, Matt and Min welcome on a brand new host, Alli who’s re-visiting after a summer internship! IKEA Website Fails [5:25] Facebook vs SnapChat [9:40] SEO in 2017 [17:55] IKEA Website Fails Min has been on a big IKEA kick for...