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Increasing Conversions on Your E-Commerce Website
By: Matt Curtis
With the large boom in e-commerce over recent years, many people are left wondering why they aren’t moving products off the shelves. This lack of sales has left many stores turning to e-commerce as a new outlet for selling product. Much like brick and mortar stores, there’s a lot of work that goes into making an e-commerce store effective. Here are some tips for increasing conversions on your e-commerce site!  ...
What to Consider When Designing an E-Commerce Website
By: Dominica Latus
Selling online can lead to huge opportunities for your business. Developing an E-Commerce website will allow you to sell your product globally 24/7. But successfully selling your product online takes a bit more thought than just simply slapping your products into a database and uploading them to your website. It takes planning to create a pleasing online shopping experience and to convert your site visitors into paying...
Paypal vs Stripe: Choosing your Ecommerce Business
By: Zack Kinsley
Stripe and PayPal are the most popular credit card processing companies for Ecommerce because they provide business owners an all in one package when it comes to processing credit card transactions. Back in the day, Ecommerce businesses would need multiple services to process a credit card transaction. Now Stripe and PayPal have solved that headache, but which method of payment is better? Stripe Stripe is the new kid...
Beware of Poodle
By: Jim Jennings
Poodle is the name of a new security vulnerability linked to the SSL (https) protocol (a widely used security measure between two machines operating over the Internet or on an internal network). SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. Here Is What You Need To Know  In support of legacy browsers, the SSL standard is allowed to 'downgrade' to earlier versions of the protocol. A legacy browser is the previous version of an...
By: Kevin Ward
There are thousands of E-Commerce websites at which to shop, making it easy for your site to get lost in the mix. Is your E-Commerce site converting viewers into buyers? What’s the point of having a great E-Commerce site with heavy traffic if your sales having nothing to show for it! Here are 5 simple ways to encourage people to click “purchase”.   1. Keep it Simple Start with the design of your website. No one...
Find out how credit card processing works
By: Dominica Latus
    You just bought something online, “complete transaction” has been clicked and seconds later an email appears in your inbox, “Your order has been confirmed!”  But what happens between those two steps?  There are more steps and people involved that you might think! Let’s Ms. Frizzle this and dive into the credit card processing system:           Whether you are a shopper or an E-commerce website owner, (or anything...
online shopping cart
By: Laura Walsh
Imagine being at the grocery store and having a cart full of groceries that you are ready to buy, but, at the last minute you decide to abandon the shopping trip and leave your cart in the middle of the checkout lane. Other than a confused grocer and some potentially wasted perishable goods, is there a problem with leaving a shopping cart in the middle of a store without buying anything? This question can be applied to...