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Digital Laryngitis
By: Laura Walsh
We’ve all had a bad case of laryngitis at one point or another. A terrible sore throat, cough, and no voice are enough to knock anyone off their feet for a couple days. I remember having a bad case as a kid and being completely unable to talk for a good two to three days. I felt lost and trapped inside of a body with which I could not communicate in ways that I was used to.   What if this happened online? What if your...
Starting a Blog
By: Greg Brey
In previous post we gave you the reasons why you should blog, now we are focusing on where to start with your blog.  A wise dinosaur once told me that sharing is caring (photo credit).   The following key points are Keystone Click’s process to starting a successful blog.  We’ll leave the finer details for a later post. 1. Reality check You must first find out why you are blogging.  This will play a huge role in how your...
Twitter for Non-Profits
By: Lauryn Jashinsky
What easier way to inform a large variety of people about a certain cause than to do it with just the click of a button. Non-profit organizations have actively been using Social Media sites to promote their causes, while also sparking conversations on the topic among followers. Social Media sites not only allow non-profit organizations to reach a large audience, but they also allow the general public the opportunity and...
Social Media Integration
By: Ryan Mehaffey
Over the past few months I have had the same conversation with several clients.  When we discuss how to integrate social media into their current web marketing strategy, the very first topic is having social media icons placed throughout the website.  Nearly every website has a phone number, an address, or some other sort of contact information.  The problem is that with the social generation of consumers, the amount of...
professional photography for website
By: Lori Highby
  With over 150,000 URLs being purchased everyday (, it's hard to make your website stand out.  One very important element to helping your product or service stand out above your competition is the quality of the images being used.  Quality images will impress your potential customers and current clients.  Product shots "Since your clients can't get up close and feel what you're selling, the photos need to...
Target your Market
By: Ryan Mehaffey
With advancements in technology Internet marketing brings new challenges on a daily basis.  This requires the resourcefulness, creativity, flexibility, and inspiration to step out of your comfort zone and find a solution. Although this post isn’t giving you a golden ticket to solving all Internet marketing issues, it is important to remember that the Internet doesn’t have a definitive end. It doesn’t have boundaries, and...
Facebook Likes
By: Ryan Mehaffey
A lot of people in the social media world have become infatuated with making sure that they have a large quantity of posts on their social media sites such as Facebook.  Sometimes we all need to remind ourselves that quality is most of the time more important than quantity. Take a step back and think about the purpose of posting on Facebook.  The main reason a business chooses to use Facebook is to INTERACT with their...