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Our Process

At Keystone Click, we approach all projects (regardless of their size or scope) with the same proven process

Throughout the duration of any project we maintain consistent communication.  We like to think of each project as a journey, whether that journey is a walk around the block or a cross country road trip, we will be your guide, keeping you on the right track every step of the way.  Our process serves as both the fuel and the road map for every journey.


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1. Identification

Assess the needs and goals of your brand.

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This is the "Get to Know You" phase of the project. We like to work together with the client to define a brand identity and create a framework for the project; who is the target market, what are the project goals, current marketing initiatives, etc. We dig deep and find out what competitors are doing online, what strategies proved to be effective, and more.  Bottom line – be better than the competition.  The more information we collect up front allows for the development of a highly effective strategy.

2. Strategy

Develop a comprehensive plan to achieve goals.

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At this stage the strategy is outlined in full detail and reviewed with all parties involved. Using the information we gathered about the client and their competitors, we put together our recommendations into a tangible strategy that will drive the most success and Return on Investment. This includes a content calendar, the specified channels to actively engage in, areas for media buys, initial branding and designs ideas, etc. The information has been collected, now it’s time to get to work.

3. Execution

Implement the digital marketing strategy.

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Once we have worked with the client to hone the strategy, we put it into action. Whether that is design and development of a website or digital marketing initiatives (or both depending on the scope of the project), this is the phase where digital marketing dreams finally become a reality! (This stage is fun for us, too!)

4: Measure

Review results and adjust strategy for success.

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This is the “What worked and what didn’t?” phase of the project. At this point we compile all the data and analytics that we were able to gather during the project and map out who we reached, how we reached them, and what came of it. From there, we sit down with the client and illustrate the logistics behind the resulting ROI. We will make the necessary adjustments to the strategy and continue from there to drive towards maximum success…and then some.