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Manufacturer of mass notification, disaster warning, and emergency notification systems. Countries, communities, industries, military installations, and private facilities worldwide depend on American Signal Corporation sirens to alert their citizens, employees, and soldiers to emergencies that require immediate action.  American Signal Corporation has been in business since 1942 and has installations in 50 states, more than 60 countries.


Use a design provided by another company and develop a content management system to allow American Signal Corporation to quickly and easily make edits to content, images, and products information.  American Signal Corporation was also interested in having Keystone Click maintain the current page ranking for search engine purposes.  American Signal Corporation had no experience working with a content management system, so education and training was crucial. 


Using the Drupal's open source content management system, Keystone Click was able to deliver a fully functional website that could be managed by American Signal Corporation.  A 301 redirect was completed to maintain all link integrity with the new sites linking structure.  Additional SEO features were also built out which allows the company to take advantage of page title tags, image tags, and meta tags.  Once the project was complete, a full training session was provided along with a how-to-guide for reference.

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