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Robert F. Bennet said, “A desire to be in charge of our own lives, a need for control, is born in each of us. It is essential to our mental health, and our success, that we take control.” At Keystone Click we know that you are an expert in your industry. You have all the knowledge and experience necessary to know what you want on your website.

The only problem is actually getting it on the screen. Luckily, we have the solution. We believe in you as the expert, which is why we are giving you the keys…and the driver’s seat.


You shouldn’t have to rely on us to edit sections of your site when and how you want. We make it easy for you to make tweaks without knowing any of the complicated HTML code that our programmers speak thanks to the Drupal Content Management System (Drupal CMS).


Which Content Management System? And Why?

We primarily utilize the Drupal Content Management System (Drupal CMS) and will occasionally work in WordPress.  We are the go to Drupal website developer in the greater Milwaukee area.


Why do we like Drupal?  

We believe there is no need to "reinvent the wheel", especially in the world of web development.  Utilizing the Drupal content management system as our primary CMS allows us to focus more time on custom developing the unique functionality that specifically caters to your website’s needs. The Drupal CMS framework allows for our custom website designs to be easily applied to the Drupal CMS.  A number of content management systems are template driven and restrict design creativity.  Drupal allows for freedom in design and functionality flexibility.  As your Drupal website developer, we will ensure you have an amazing website.

The user experience from both the end user and the site owner is seamless. The end user can easily navigate the website, search for content, and contact the site owner.  The site owner has the power to edit any details on the site at any given time.  With a secured login and password, the site owner can easily login and change the text, upload new images, add new products or services, and much more with the simple click of a few buttons.


Not only does the Drupal content management system allow for easy edits, but the site is extremely scalable and search engine friendly.  Drupal is one of the most search engine friendly CMS tools available.  With keyword rich URLs, easy to update alt and title tags, along with the easy integration with various shopping cart applications. it is no question why Drupal would be our content management system of choice. 


Our Drupal CMS websites include some of these features:


  • Blogs: Create a blog for a single user or multiple users on your site. Utilize commenting to engage site visitors.
  • Social Sharing: Enable users to share the site with friends via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or send to a friend via email.
  • Audio and Video: Easily upload and publish audio files or embed video files from popular video sites such as YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Image Gallery: Post an unlimited number of images to your website and allow social media sharing of those images to grow your audience online.
  • E-commerce: Sell items on your site and accept credit card payment.
  • Calendar of Events: Post upcoming events online by date and time.  Accept online registration for events.
  • Google Analytics: Track users and activity on your site through Google Analytics.
  • Search-Engine-Friendly URLs and Page Titles: If you would like to include Search Engine Optimization, we can help you determine the best URLs and page titles for your site. We will add modules that will enable easy creation of custom URLs and titles for each page on the site.
  • Members-Only Section: Publish content that will only be visible to users with certain access and login credentials.  Manage who has access to your members only section at all times.


Keystone Click can also offer you the ability to sell products or services on your site and create engaging, rotating headers on different pages. We wont take the training wheels off for some time though, we’re always here for support or training whenever you need. Teaching you how to use your website to its highest potential is one of our crowning achievements. We provide customized website training and documentation to ensure you are prepared to update and manage the site on your own. 


So, want to take it for a test drive?


Let Keystone Click be your Drupal Website Developer!