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  • Mobile Web Design

Almost a third of global Internet traffic to North American web sites, 31.3% to be exact, in the fourth quarter of 2013 came from smartphones and tablets.  Hardly anyone is walking around without a smartphone these days.  Mobile is growing, and you need to be part of it.


Keystone Click offers mobile website design and development.



Adaptive Design:


An adaptive design consists of several site “designs” or layouts. When you navigate to an adaptive site the size of the screen you are viewing it from will determine which of these layouts you see.  If you are viewing an adaptive site on a desktop or laptop you can drag the corner of your browser and see the different breakpoints where you see the transition from one layout to another.


Responsive Design:


A responsive site is built using percentages on a fluid grid, which results in a completely flexible design. The aim is to create an ideal multi-platform user experience for features such as visual quality and easy navigation and reading. There is one website design that translates from mobile to desktop, etc.


We deliver customizable options so your mobile web design project can be tailored specifically to your business.


Mobile web design is the next step for your marketing plan. Contact us today to learn more about your mobile options.