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Your customers are online. You need to be, too. Reach them with digital marketing.

Digital Marketing that gets Noticed

That’s true whether you’re B2B or B2C. Digital marketing techniques can produce brand awareness, build relationships and generate leads. AND it is more cost effective than many traditional marketing activities.

Digital marketing techniques allow you to reach more people and at the same time more precisely target your messages than ever before. 

With over 10 years experience marketing brands online, Keystone Click’s process is focused on creating a research fueled digital marketing strategy that focuses on your business goals.

Knowing your customer and where they are hanging out online, allows us to put your very important message in front of them.

Digital Marketing Process


Our Process


Good marketing strategy depends on a solid understanding of your place in the market.  Whether you are completely rebranding your business or setting up an individual campaign, Keystone Click will identify key information to guide the selection of a strategy and tactics.


Based on our research, Keystone Click will match a marketing strategy and tactics to reach your goals.

We also offer a full Research and Strategy service that takes a deep dive into your business, competition and digital assets to recommend marketing strategies to move you forward.


Keystone Click can manage all aspects of your digital marketing plan.

  • Creation of campaign content - Every form of outreach requires some for of content whether it be a website landing page, ad, post, blog, email, newsletter, video, podcast… you get the picture. Keystone Click’s will create compelling, original content focused on your audience and objectives.
  • Campaign implementation and management - Keystone Click’s experts will implement and monitor the campaign, making adjustments to optimize your success.


  • Communication and reporting - You’ll receive regular updates that include the key performance metrics that we have identified in our kick-off meeting.

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