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Video Production

Right now, video content is the most popular form of content on the world wide web, which makes video production extremely important. Not only is video content successful on social media, but when people see product videos on websites they are more likely to purchase the product.

Why Is Video Content Important?

Video content aims to educate, entertain and inspire audiences. Videos can educate your audience by showcasing a product, or by having an expert talk about your business or industry. Videos entertain audiences by giving them a laugh. Videos also inspire people to take action. Don’t you remember those dog shelter videos? I do - which is why I have 17 dogs.

What Can Keystone Click Do For Me?

Glad you asked. Our team is full of highly specialized video production enthusiasts. We have experience in full-production company history and ‘about us’ videos, as well as, producing simple Facebook banner videos.

  • Full production company-specific videos
  • Facebook and social media banner videos
  • Social media video posts (on the job site, at the office, time lapse, etc.)
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Speaker Reels

Video Production Process

Our in-house design and marketing team will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure you get a high-quality video that solves your customer’s needs.

Video Production Process - Pre-Production

  • Brainstorm your video
  • Create a storyboard and script
  • Map out the specific shots that need to be captured
  • Confirm shoot date, styling, resources
  • Best practices to fully engage your audience

Video Production Process - Shoot

  • Creative direction
  • All or partial equipment including lights, microphones, cameras
  • Confirm any necessary waivers or required documentation for specific shots
  • Record your amazing message

Video Production Process - Post-Production

  • Make necessary edits
  • Compile footage to match the storyboard
  • Record any voiceovers
  • Add any graphic elements
  • Confirm any background music/soundtracks
  • Submit finished video for your promotional use

We've always got a video or two up our sleeves, check out recent videos Keystone Click has created by visiting our Resource Center.

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