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Website Hosting, Maintenance, and Support You Can Trust

Stop worrying about the security and integrity of your website. Let the experts at Keystone Click take care of your website hosting, maintencance and support while you take care of business.

What is a website hosting, maintenance, and support plan?

Website hosting is a necessary service to ensure that your website is live on the internet. Without it, those who attempt to find your business’ website will be unable to do so.

Keystone Click website hosting, maintenance, and support services make sure that your site is available, up-to-date, and secure, giving you peace of mind. What is included?

  1. Maintaining security & updates as they occur
  2. Keeping your website secure and safe for users
  3. Providing ongoing status reports on the vitality of your site
  4. Storing a backup of your site in case of server failure
  5. Troubleshooting issues that arise with your site
  6. An hour of requested site edits per month

Have a site that you’d like to bring over to Keystone Click for hosting and support?

Perfect, we’ll work with you to mitigate any issues before transferring your site over to ensure the health and integrity of your site. An audit is required to identify problems. You’ll receive a complete report of the audit that includes:

  1. Current status of your Drupal or WordPress website, this includes the code, plugins, or modules
  2. A full diagnosis of the links on your site to make sure they are accurate and aren’t malicious
  3. An SEO health check that will jump-start you on the path to outranking your competitors

Upon completion and planned resolution of any identified issues, Keystone Click can begin full monitoring and support of your website.


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