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Our Process

A reliable, flexible process that takes into account YOUR needs.

Our Process

The experience gained through successfully working with hundreds of companies has resulted in Keystone Click’s process.  Each stage is important. The amount of time spent and the exact tasks vary depending on what you need.

Marketing strategy process


It all starts with research. We get to know you, your audience, and your offering to provide a strong foundation upon which to build your marketing plan or website design. How much and the type of research depends on the project. 

Not sure what you need or what to prioritize to get your digital marketing house in order? Keystone Click offers a Research and Strategy engagement that sets the foundation for a strong digital marketing program. (CTA Link to that service page)

Types of Research

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Website Audit
  • Content Audit
  • Customer Interview
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Digital Media and Social Media Audit
  • Keywords Research


How are we going to win?  And what does winning look like? Keystone Click will recommend a strategy that fits your company and its goals.

Once we’ve conducted the research and have gathered insights that tell the story about how your customers want to engage with you online, we can build a strategic plan that focuses on what to say, where to say it, and at what frequency to say it.  The custom-built strategy maps out the right messaging for your audience.  We pinpoint what digital channels your target customers are engaging with online and map out the plan to consistently and effectively communicate your value propositions.

Strategy Deliverables

  • Overall strategy
  • Identified “Smart” Goals
  • Messaging strategy geared to your specific audience targets
  • Multichannel tactical communication plan


Action, not just talk. Once the plan is made you need a team with the right skills to execute it. We’ll work with you to identify goals and create Key Performance Measures (KPMs) to measure progress toward them.  Take a look at how we can support you in including:

Website Services

  • Web Design
  • Development
  • Hosting, Maintenance & Support

Digital Marketing Services

  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Content
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation

Marketing Automation

  • SharpSpring
  • Automation Campaigns

Digital Media Production

  • Video
  • Podcast
  • Webinars


You’ll never wonder what’s going on. Keystone Click’s communication is proactive. Status and next steps are the meat and potatoes of our regular updates.

We recognize and embrace that today’s marketing plans are fluid. We constantly evaluate and adjust plans to take into consideration:

Goals: Is the plan succeeding? What should be changed or stepped up/ enhanced/ replicated/ scaled up

Best practice: Marketing tools and channels evolve. What worked yesterday may not work today.

Market conditions: Whether it is the economy, new product introductions or unpredictable health scares, you need to be responsive to expected and unexpected change.


Take Their Word for It

"Working with KeystoneClick, I was impressed with how thorough the entire process was from start to finish"

Kirsten Corbell, Director of Marketing at InCheck

"I found the staff to be friendly and knowledgeable. I appreciated how they guided me through portions of the process I wasn't familiar with"

Kirsten Corbell, Director of Marketing at InCheck

"With the help from the professional and friendly staff at Keystone Click, we finally have a website we can confidently refer potential clients to!"

Tracy Campbell, Business Manager/Client Specialist at KLCM Advisors

"We needed a new website that was user friendly and engaging. We saw KeystoneClicks previous work and knew they were perfect to apply our needs to our new website!"

Tracy Campbell, Business Manager/Client Specialist at KLCM Advisors

"COVID was hard on our business, but Keystone Click helped us continue to engage our customers through social media and our online catalog"

Kent McDonell, Owner of Dining Furniture Showcase

"They really helped zone in on our North American market, in terms of Instagram, Facebook, and Hashtags.  They’re very personable and they always bring great ideas to the table.  We love working with them."

Tram Littmann, Marketing Communications Manager at ABB Drives Us

"We are very happy with our new website and feel that it matches our new identity perfectly!"

Kirsten Corbell, Director of Marketing at InCheck

"We are so excited that we generated leads with our new website in the FIRST month of replacing our outdated website. Our new website is fresh, focused, and successful"

Jennifer Buchholz, Owner at Excel & Flourish
Kent McDonell, Owner at Dining Furniture Showcase

"The process laid out by the staff was very clear and I was impressed with the speed to execute and launch our new site"

Jennifer Buchholz, Owner at Excel & Flourish

"I’ve been working with Keystone Click since I started working at ABB, and they have been an AMAZING resource for all of our Social Media needs"

Tram Littmann, Marketing Communications Manager at ABB Drives Us

"When restrictions lifted, we had some of the best business months of our 40-year existence."

Kent McDonell, Owner of Dining Furniture Showcase

"KeystoneClick's staff were extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and were willing to help us with any requests or concerns we had throughout the process"

Tracy Campbell, Business Manager/Client Specialist at KLCM Advisors